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Posted: December 23, 2010 in Misc

Everyone seems to be doing Facebook lately. I refuse to. Why? Do I have something against Facebook? No, but my son uses Facebook. So does my little sister (who is 20 and not so little anymore). My mother does it now too. I will admit, I use Facebook for business but I can’t seem to bring myself to Facebook with my mother and my sister and my son, who would just think I’m spying on him anyway. Which brings me to how this blog came into existence.

Got drama? I do. Lots of it. You have noooo idea. I could probably make millions if I wrote a book about the crap I have seen in the past few years. Insanity I tell you! Anyway, I can’t really vent to the people I know personally. If I told them half of what I know they’d think I was insane and I’d be blogging from a padded room. Welcome to the wonderful world of the Internet where I can tell everyone and anyone anything on my mind and remain completely anonymous while doing it. I can tell all of you that my husband’s ex wife is a raving mad lunatic bitch and you have no idea who I’m talking about (and chances are some of you would probably sympathize and relate). I could tell you I’ve seen things no human being should ever see and you’d never know who I was or whether or not I was serious. Yes, blogging is a wonderful thing.

So why should you read this blog? If you’re the type of person who loves juicy secrets and loves to give advice, you and I are going to become great friends. I’ve got secrets. Plenty of em. And trust me, they’re juicy. I also have some great advice. I make a decent income working from home. Better than decent actually. I can probably throw in some great business advice between all the other crap I throw up here. After all, you’re going to be reading my deepest darkest secrets. Why not get somethingn out of it once in a while, right? I’ll also try to find a way to give stuff away for free. I know a girl who does that with her blog. Seems pretty cool. I’ll do it here too so you can get something out of this madness.

Look forward to some juicy gossip, raving mad rants and other interesting and unique tidbits very soon. Hey, it can’t be worse than a Jerry Springer show and millions of people watch him right? The difference is, the drama here ain’t scripted and if I take a swing at someone I’m keeping my shoes on!


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