Who is Princess JD?

Posted: December 23, 2010 in Misc

Well, if you’re going to be reading my secrets you should probably know a little bit about me. Hold on to your seat. This is going to be an interesting read…

I am a mother, a wife, a friend and an accomplished businesswoman. At least on the surface. I mean, I am those things but I’m a lot more.

Let’s start with the mother thing. I am a mother of 5. Well, technically 3 and then 2 are my husband’s from a previous marriage but their mother is pretty much a piece of crap (which I will go into more in a different post) so let’s just add them all together and say 5.

Now, for the wife thing. I have a husband. Two actually. Well technically one and technically one in the works. This is so confusing…

I have a husband who I am divorcing. I married him when I was seventeen. Let’s face it, the things you want at 17 are not the same things you want in your thirties and I got fed up with my husband not growing up and decided to leave him — just never really got around to filing for divorce. Which I kinda forgot to mention to my new husband who is technically not my new husband because I never really divorced my first husband. See where this is going?

Okay, so my new husband who is not yet legally my new husband was very understanding when I explained to him recently (two years after we got together) that I wasn’t really divorced from my first husband yet. But as far as I’m concerned he’s my husband regardless of what a piece of paper says. So when you see me say “my husband” in my blog it’s my new husband. My old husband is my ex. Post a comment if I’m not making sense. I’ll try to clarify.

What do I do for a living? Besides helping with the family business every so often (which I really can’t go into) I am a professional copywriter and marketing professional. So see, I know what blogs are. I advise my clients to use them for business purposes all the time. Just never used one for personal purposes before. I make decent money. I can support five kids on a single income so if you need business advice and want to know how to make money from home just ask me. I’ll be happy to share what I know with you.

I’m a fiercely loyal person. I can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Most of my family is like that. It must be genetic.

I’ll give you more details later. Christmas Eve is tomorrow and I have to get to Macy’s. Until then, behave. You know I don’t.


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