How Big is a PS2 Slim?

Posted: December 24, 2010 in Rants and Raves

Let me ask you, how big is a PS2 Slim? Small enough to fit in a suitcase? Yes. It is. Although my husband’s retarded ex-wife doesn’t seem to think so.

I’ve explained that the kids will be coming out on the 26th of this month (the day after Christmas) to live here. Their brilliant mother is sending one (yes, just one) suitcase for BOTH kids. Why? Because she can only spare one suitcase for her children and she doesn’t want to spare any of her “go out and get drunk” money to buy another one. How generous. So she is insisting that she can not fit her son’s PS2 into the suitcase and that he will have to go without. I think not. My husband will tell her that she has to send it. If she doesn’t, I’ll let my family loose on her. I’m done playing nice with this bitch.

To make matters worse, she sends my husband a text today (Christmas Eve) telling us that WE have to buy his son pants for Christmas because he doesn’t have any that fit him. Yes, she tells us this the day before Christmas. Two days before he is supposed to be here. Why doesn’t he have any pants (especially when we just sent her nearly $200 to buy the kids clothes a few months back)? Oh, because she spends all of her money on herself and at the bars. I forgot. Nice. I don’t mind buying him pants. I really don’t. He will have more pants than he needs once he is here. That I promise. What pisses me off is that this woman, who thinks she should be awarded mother of the year, sees nothing wrong with the way she handles things and how she treats her children.

Once these kids are here they will see what a real family life is.

For all of those mothers out there who know how sick and disgusting it is to treat kids this way, my heart goes out to you. For all of the REAL mothers of the world, I admire you all. Take care of your children. Never put them second to anything, especially alcohol. God has given us such special treasures when he blesses us with children. How someone could act this way is beyond me.

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