What’s in the Water in Utah Anyway?

Posted: December 24, 2010 in Rants and Raves

What does Utah have to offer? Beautiful scenery, lots of Mormons and some really, really mentally challenged and inbred asshats. Seriously.

My husband is from Utah. I love him dearly. And some of his family members who I love dearly are from Utah too. I met a lot of nice people when I was visiting Utah. I must say, however, that the dumbest people I have ever met are from that state too.

I have a theory that our gene pool is having some serious issues. I think Utah has more than its share of evidence of this fact. My husband’s ex-wife, for example. She’s not inbred, but you couldn’t tell by her actions. Same goes for my husband’s sister and one of his younger brothers.

Let’s talk for a moment about my husband’s sister. Now, in my family, blood is thicker than water — no matter what. You betray the family, you pay for it. That’s the way it works. Maybe we’re a bit weird, but I’d like to think that most families have similar values of loyalty and dedication. My husband’s sister does not.

My husband has had his issues in the past but he has done some serious changing over the past year. Why is it then, that when we realized my husband’s children were better off living in Chicago than living with an unfit alcoholic mother, his very own sister decided to stick her big, buck-toothed ugly face into it and throw a bitch fit? Especially when she can barely raise her own kids? I’d love to see Social Services pay her a visit. In fact, that might just happen…

I hate ugly people. I really do. And I don’t mean outside ugly (which she is), I mean inside ugly. This woman is one of those pieces of work who just can’t mind her own business because she has no life of her own. You know the type. No job, no friends, no real life. Just too much time on her hands to spend worrying about things that don’t concern her.

So anyway, this woman who can’t raise her own kids (her son lives on pop-tarts and has development issues because she is completely clueless as a parent) takes it upon herself to put her unwanted opinions and white-trash comments right in the middle of an already-ugly custody situation. And does she side with her own brother? No! She sides with his neglegent alcoholic ex-wife. Nice huh?

And then my husband’s gay brother (and I’m not using that as a deragotry term — he is gay) goes and does the same thing. As if there is something in the water out there making them all insane. Or maybe they think it’s okay for a mother to leave her kids alone all hours of the night while she goes out bar hopping. Maybe where they come from that is acceptable. Where I come from, it’s not. Maybe they think it’s healthy for kids to see their mother coming home so drunk that she can’t even get the garage door open. Maybe they think it’s alright for a mom to spend all of her money at bars and then say she doesn’t have money to spend on the kids for Christmas presents.

My family may not be perfect, but we know what loyalty is and we know that a mother’s job is to take care of her kids. Can someone please, please tell me what the hell is wrong with people? Is the world going to hell in a hand basket or what?



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