To The Man in the Grocery Store

Posted: December 25, 2010 in Misc

To the man in the grocery store who was yelling at the store employee for no apparent reason. Maybe you were having a bad day. Maybe you’re just an asshat and you think it’s perfectly acceptable to talk to people that way. If you think you made a fool of the poor store employee you are sorely mistaken. You did nothing but make an ass of yourself.

Listen, I know that customer service has gone to shit. I completely agree that some store employees deserve an ass reaming every so often. However, that does not mean that each and every store employee gets to become our personal emotional punching bag when we go shopping. They do not get paid enough to put up with that shit. All I know is, if I had to do that job, I’d be in jail by the end of the day for beating the hell out of some ignorant dipshit.

So, back to you, the redneck jackass who made a teenage worker cry. Yes, I felt completely justified when I asked you loud enough for the entire store to hear if treating her that way compensated for your small penis. No, I do not regret telling you to get the fuck out of the store before I really lost my temper. You know, in my defense, you were a full foot taller than me, and I am just a girl. The fact that you went running like a bitch right out of the store, while threatening to call the police proves my theory that bullies only pick on those who won’t fight back.

How did your day go after our encounter? Mine went just fine. I paid for my purchase and left. The clerk, while shocked and shaken up, actually seemed relieved that someone had stuck up for her. How did your day go? Knowing you had made a teenage girl cry and knowing that at least one person in this world realizes what a bullshit, pussy move it was on your part to act that way.

To all my blog readers… Please, for the love of God, if you see someone doing this to another human being step in and say something. Even if you just politely say “You don’t have to talk to that person that way.” Just say something. The world is going to shit, and while the meek will inherit the Earth, someone has to look out for them in the meantime. Me, you, everyone with a conscience and a voice. Let’s do something about the wrongs we see and when you do, post it here. I really, really want to hear about it.

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