I’ll Have to Fill You In

Posted: December 26, 2010 in Misc

So, the kids are coming today. Finally! After months of being in the “care” of a negligent mother who thinks that it is perfectly acceptable for a mom of three to attend bars for hours on end while leaving the kids to fend for themselves, they will be in a functional family environment, if you can call my family functional. I mean, we may not be perfect, but even we know that it is wrong to abandon children to go and get drunk until 3 in the morning. Yay us!

So the kids are coming and my husband and I have decided that we need to find out the extent of the damage that has been done to them. Therapy will likely be needed. My family has given me some of the details regarding how she neglected these children, but they are refusing to tell me everything because they are afraid that I will get on a plane to Utah to teach this woman a lesson — Chicago style. In all reality, I don’t need to be in Utah to do that. I can wreck financial devastation and holy hell on a person from all the way across the country. I’m not mean. I’m not evil. I do not take great joy in bringing pain to others. I am, however, a very vengeful person. Let’s face it, vengeance is something that is in my genes. This woman has lied to me, lied to my family, caused holy hell and (the worst of the worst) used her children as pawns in a disgusting game. I love my step-daughter as if she were my own. To see her used as nothing more than a babysitter and housekeeper and left to fend for herself while her mother goes out to bars like a twenty-something hussy is unacceptable.

Don’t get me wrong. Going out and having fun once in a while is not wrong. Every parent needs a break. But when you are constantly going out each and every week and leaving your own 14-year-old daughter to care for the house and watch your other two children because you can’t get your own shit together and grow the hell up, well, that’s a fucking problem as far as I’m concerned.

What worries me? My family has told me some very awful shit about this woman and things she has done, but they won’t tell me the worst of it. Which means I’ll probably be hearing it from my step-kids directly. I will do my best not to totally freak out in front of them. I promise to remain calm (in front of them) but I can not promise that I am not going to go ape shit the minute I am alone. Let me list, for a moment, the things I know about. If these things are the “nicer” things this woman has done and my family is afraid to tell me the rest, I’m dreading what I am going to find out.

1. She frequently goes out to eat with her husband, having a nice dinner out, leaving my 14-year-old step daughter with her 8-year-old son (which is also my step son) and her 3-year-old son (who is from her second marriage) to cook and clean up and take care of the kids. My step-daughter is NOT a nanny or a maid. I don’t appreciate her being treated like one.

2. She goes bowling each and every week, but instead of making it a family event and letting the kids get out and enjoy themselves she leaves the kids at home and goes with her new husband and gets drunk. Again, my 14-year-old step daughter is left taking care of everything.

3. She leaves my step-daughter with her 8-year-old and 3-year-old brother and half brother at 5:00 in the evening. Then brings her drunk, happy ass home at 3:00 am.

4. She goes out with friends to the gay bar to do karaoke, again leaving my step-daughter with everything on her shoulders. Comes home so drunk she can’t even open her garage door and her “friends” have to get her inside the house. And the kids see this…

5. She bitches and moans that she has no money to buy the kids Christmas presents but she has money to go drinking almost every night of the week.

6. She bitches and moans that she can not afford to replace my step-son’s retainer. She informs my husband that “I” must do it because she can’t afford it. Yet she has the money to go out drinking and bowling. Nice.

7. She takes her son from her second marriage (who both children have told me she favors) to a live kid’s show, leaving the other two at home. In fact, she didn’t just take her son from her new marriage. She also took her friend and her friend’s son, while the other two kids were left out. Great mom.

Actually, the list goes on and on but I’m not going to keep typing because my temper is starting to spark. All I have to say is, she better keep her ass out of Chicago and she better not go to Vegas either because I have family in both places who really want to teach her a few lessons.

Anyway, once I know the extent of her emotional abuse and neglect I will update you. I will also update you as to what we plan on doing about it.

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