Oh Poor, Poor Pitiful Her…

Posted: December 28, 2010 in Rants and Raves
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So, my husband’s ex-wife has been posting on her blog again. How do I know? My step-daughter told me. What’s she posting? How hard it is on her that the kids are living here? Honestly, if I believed for a moment that this woman’s post and feelings were sincere I’d feel bad for her. But I have seen first-hand what a manipulative bitch she is and how well she plays the victim so I am pretty sure that the purpose of her post had nothing to do with how she really feels and everything to do with handing my step-daughter a super-sized guilt trip for choosing to live with her dad.

Supposedly my step-daughter’s mother has done nothing but cry since the kids left her home. Really? Cause from what I can tell she’s doing just fine, other than the fact that she can’t run to the bars because she doesn’t have my step-daughter to babysit her toddler anymore. I’m very sorry if her daughter’s emotional well-being got in the way of her weekly bar runs. That must be very rough to deal with.

I do not appreciate the “poor pity me” victim song and dance — especially when it is being performed by a hypocrite, liar and manipulator. I hate it even more that the whole purpose of it is probably to make my step-daughter feel bad.

My husband and I have been talking. He is going to have to have a chat with his ex-wife about what really is in the best interests of the children and having the decree changed to reflect sole custody in his favor. He was responsible and mature enough to overcome his issues. She obviously has no interest in overcoming hers. The kids do not need to be around that type of behavior and they definitely don’t need to be in a household where the adults think it is fine to abandon children till three in the morning while they go out and get drunk. They should consider themselves lucky that we did not have child services investigate whether or not they can take care of the toddler that remains in their care.

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