Seeing Little Fockers on Hunter’s Birthday

Posted: December 28, 2010 in Misc
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My step-son’s birthday is in a couple of days and on Sunday we are having a family birthday party for him. He just moved to Chicago from Utah to live with us so this will be his first experience with my very large, very boisterous, very lovingly-dysfunctional family. Poor kid!

So what are our plans? Well, the Bears are playing the Packers on Sunday. If you know anything about Chicago you know that’s a big deal. So first we go to church. Then we rush to my mother’s house to watch the Bears play the Packers (she lives closest to the church and she has one of those huge, flat-screen 3-D TVs that cost as much as a car). Her house was obviously the home of choice for this game. After the game is over (hopefully the Bears win or my father and grandfather will be in a mood all day) we are going to head over to the movie theater to see Little Fockers. The kids all want to see it so that’s what we’re doing. After the movie is over it’s back to my mom’s house for birthday cake (from Gerhard’s) and presents for Hunter.

Seriously, if you live anywhere near Chicago you have to try Gerhard’s at least once. Their stuff is to die for. The picture in this post is actually one of their cakes. They are amazing. I know my grandmother prefers Tony’s but I love Gerhard’s. They’re in Lake Forest, they have a website at I seriously do not get anything from telling you this. I have no association with them whatsoever, other than the fact that I love their desserts and they are the only fattening foods I will put on my plate. They are THAT good. I would happily be five pounds fatter if being thinner meant not eating Gerhard’s treats. They made this awesome custom cake for my daughter’s fifth birthday one year. Every single person who came to the party commented on it. I didn’t even want to cut into it, it was that beautiful.

So, after Little Fockers and Gerhard’s and gifts we will make our way back home and get the kids in bed because Monday the step-kids are going to be starting their new schools and my kids are going to be going back because winter break will be over. I keep asking my step-kids if they are nervous (I would be nervous as hell) and they really aren’t. They are actually really excited and Autumn can’t wait to start a real high school. She’s in ninth grade and somehow the ass-backwards Utah school system thinks ninth graders do not go to high school so she was still in Junior High there. Out here ninth graders go to high school, so she is pretty excited about that.

It’s so nice to see them happy, after all of the shit they have been through. I’m glad my family has welcomed the kids with open arms too. They need to be around solid family values.

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