Falling Further and Further Behind

Posted: December 31, 2010 in Misc
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My schedule this week is screwed. I knew that having five kids was going to be a challenge when the step-kids moved in but holy crap I am going to need a spa day soon. Don’t get me wrong, it’s worth every bit of the struggle but I am seriously going to have to consider hiring some household help.

What did today consist of? I had the day all planned out. I was going to sit down and work and meet some deadlines. Then I was going to rent a movie to watch with the kids. Low and behold, my mother called me with an emergency that I had to run and take care of. Then I get home and the cat is sick and I have to rush him to the vet. Then I get home and my husband is all “we’re out of firewood” and God forbid the fireplace doesn’t get lit one night so I go running back out to buy firewood with my step-daughter. Somehow a trip for firewood turned into a $100 grocery store run. I’m still wondering how that happened. I need to learn to follow lists. I really do.

Now it is 8:30 at night and I still haven’t started working. I decided to sit and blog for a second while I am waiting for dinner to finish cooking. I will begin working at about 9:30 if fate doesn’t kick me in the ass again. I will get done at about 3:00 in the morning. Hey, at least I’m home working till 3:00 in the morning rather than running to bars like someone else we know! Then I get to wake up and the fun will REALLY begin.

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. My mother, God bless her, has decided to bond with her new granddaughter and take her clothes shopping. You need to understand my mother. Clothes shopping is her idea of bonding. Actually, to her, clothes shopping is everything. I remember when I was 16 she made me spend 10 hours clothes shopping with her to “reconnect” with me. How can anyone clothes shop for 10 hours? You have never met my mother. She could make it an Olympic sport. Macy’s loves her. Bloomingdale’s loves her. They see her coming and they see money signs cause they know she has a serious addiction to buying clothes.

So, tomorrow she will be bonding with my step-daughter over clothes shopping. Believe it or not, my step-daughter is actually looking forward to it. I didn’t think she was the type but she’s really really excited. My mother’s like that. She can get a total Scrooge excited about shopping.

After shopping we will be going home to eat dinner and then we are having a family New Year’s Eve party. It’s so sweet. There will be absolutely no alcohol this New Year’s and everyone is being so understanding that my husband can’t be around drinking. They are being very supportive of him.

Happy New Years everyone! I hope you are all as blessed as I am to be surrounded by such wonderful family members and loving people.

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