Strike One?

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Misc

Maybe I am slowly losing my mind, but every time my husband’s ex-wife talks to the kids it feels like I’m hearing nails on a chalkboard. Listen, I know I have issues. When I’m pissed off at someone I’m not happy until they’ve paid for their actions in one way or another. So every time I get pissed off at this woman I have to ask myself, am I pissed because she actually fucked up or am I pissed because I have it in for her? This time I’m not so sure.

Today she talked to the kids on the phone. First, she laughed at my step-daughter for going to church with me today. What kind of freak does that? Secondly, she asked my step-daughter why she wasn’t going to school till Wednesday (never mind the fact that SHE is the one who didn’t get the transfer papers signed in time and that’s what the delay was.) A part of me understands that she is their mother and she has a right to ask questions. The other part of me says she didn’t give a fuck about them when they were there and she’s only asking questions to start shit. If I knew for a fact she was just trying to piss people off I’d do something about it, but I am going to be the bigger person and will give her the benefit of the doubt.

Oh, by the way, I found out today that one of the times she went out to party while leaving the kids at home, my step-daughter had to give my step-son two nebulizer treatments for his asthma and that he was very ill. And where was their wonderful mother while this was happening? Bowling. Nice. Your son is sick and can’t breathe and you’re bowling. It’s no wonder my sympathy for her has gone straight to hell.

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