Posted: January 8, 2011 in Misc

Well we finally got the bunk beds for the girl’s room today and my step-daughter started her first day of school. I’m glad we finally got the whole transcript issue worked out. I’m still not sure whose fault it was, but I’ll let it go for now. All that matters is that she’s registered and she got into the honors program. The high school she is going to has one of the best honors programs in the state.

Of course her mother didn’t even bother calling to see how her first day of school went. I think she sent a text or something. Whatever. I’ve come to the conclusion that she needs some serious help and probably could do with parenting classes, but I’ll let the law decide that.

From what I hear she still hasn’t changed, even after the discussion I have had with her and the talk my husband had with her. I guess you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Right? If she doesn’t want to be a good mom and wants to play the victim and act like nothing is her fault, there is nothing anyone can do about it. She’ll have to learn her lessons the hard way. Like I said, unless it has something to do with the kids well-being, I’m doing nothing to help her anymore. If she gets herself into serious trouble, it’s her issue. Not mine.

Even if for some reason things didn’t work out with me and my husband, he still needs primary custody of those kids. It’s ironic that I used to think it was the other way around. But after the things my step daughter and other people have told me about what this woman has done, she needs to get some serious help before her kids should be left with her unsupervised. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to be parents.

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