What I Would Love to Say to My Husband’s Ex-Wife

Posted: January 12, 2011 in Rants and Raves
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I have discovered that venting on this blog is a twisted form of therapy. In fact, I’m pretty sure that it has saved me from flying to Utah and teaching certain people a few lessons about how life really works. However, today I am having one of those days when I really want to do it anyway. I really want to fly to my husband’s ex-wife’s house and teach her exactly where her place in life is. For now, I will just post a few points that I would love to say to her and, in reality, will say to her when the time is right. (Or maybe she will happen upon this blog before I get the chance.)

1. You are a pathetic excuse for a mother. There is NEVER an excuse to leave your children unattended until 3 in the morning and there is NEVER an excuse to go out to bars at least once or twice a week leaving your children without the care of a mom. If you ever, ever question my ability to be a parent again, I will make you regret your words. Speak very carefully to the people you talk to. You never know who you’re going to piss off or when your words will come back to bite you in the ass. Regardless of what you may think, life is not a game and even if it were, you are not important enough to have it played by your rules. To sum it up, don’t fuck with me and definitely don’t fuck with your kids. I WILL make you regret it. And that’s not a threat. It’s a promise. Trust me, I can stay perfectly well within the law and still turn your existence into a living hell.

2. You are a liar. You made yourself seem like mother of the year. You are an alcoholic who prefers a party lifestyle over her parental responsibilities. You may have made me look like an ass because I fell for your shit, but that won’t happen again. What kind of mother leaves her asthmatic son in the care of a teenage girl so she can go out and have fun? Yeah, your daughter told me that she had to give her brother two nebulizer treatments while you were out having a great time and she was home scared shitless. Great job.

3. You are pathetic. I know your type. Right now you are doing one of two things. You are either

a) Making yourself out to be the victim and me to be the bitch for stating such horrible things about you. After all, what right do I have to question anything you do? There is nothing wrong with the things you have done. There is always an excuse for your behavior.

b) Discounting anything being stated here, preferring to live in denial and ignoring the fact that you have failed as a parent.

c) Crying in outrage and anger, being defensive and angry over the fact that you’re actually being called out on your shit.

d) All of the above.

3. You are a two-faced bitch. After all of the times I have stuck my neck out for you and had to deal with bullshit because of you, you still think it’s perfectly fine to talk shit behind my back. Let me explain something to you. When someone saves you from your own stupidity, appreciation is usually warranted. You think I’m manipulative? You have no fucking idea. I’ve been nothing but straightforward with you. YOU are the one who lies and manipulates. Not me. Just because things changed when I figured out the type of person you really are, it doesn’t mean that I lied or that I manipulated shit. It just means you have to pay for your actions. End of story. If you do favor after favor after favor for someone and then realize they are a piece of shit, you stop doing favors. It’s not lies or manipulation. It’s common sense. I don’t want you to thank me for saving you from the shit I’ve saved you from. I just want you to keep your fucking mouth shut.

4. You are a poor excuse for a woman. The “oh poor pity me I’m the victim” game gives women everywhere a bad name. There are no victims. Only volunteers. You are neither. You are a liar and a manipulator who loves to play the victim so people will feel sorry for you. The game is over. You can either stop the charade or I’ll plaster the evidence I have from here to Utah showing just the type of person you really are.

5. You are stupid. I mean, really really stupid. You say you never wanted trouble, yet you called for it by name. Your life would have been much easier if you had stayed on my good side. Lying to me was one thing. Talking shit about me after you lied to me was something else. Then refusing to acknowledge what you had done to your children really set me off. For someone who doesn’t want trouble, you just made one big fucking enemy.

6. My advice to you? Get some therapy. Serious therapy. And parenting classes. And a spine. I don’t know. Maybe if you were put in jail for a long time you’d wisen up a bit.

To sum it up, take a very close look in the mirror and ask yourself this… Was it really worth it? Was running your big fat mouth really worth all of the attention it drew to you? Was hurting your kids emotionally day after day, week after week, and not giving a damn really that easy for you? Were the bars and the bowling so precious that you sacrificed your kids’ emotional well-being for it? Now you call them a few times a week, pretending to be mother of the year. You think that makes up for what you’ve done? It doesn’t.

As for you and me, I had really hoped it wouldn’t become personal between us. You just couldn’t shut up. So now it is. Don’t worry about your kids (not that you do anyway). I meant it when I said I love them. I love them enough not to talk shit about you in front of them. I love them enough not to take my anger at you out on them, and only pathetic people like you do things like that to children. Your kids are safer and happier here than they ever have been.

Worry about yourself. Hopefully you’ll wake up (sooner rather than later) and realize how bad you fucked up.

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