My Step-Daughters Hair Adventure

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Misc
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Well, after rinsing her hair the first time after we let the dye set for half an hour it seems that all the color had washed out, leaving her with the bleached highlights that we had to strip before coloring. No worries though… I redid the whole thing and let the color sit for 45 minutes and now it looks great.

Next time I think I’ll just take her to Mario to have it done. It’ll probably cost $100 to $200 to get it done there, but I’ve done the math now. It took me about 4 hours to do her hair, plus the $20 for the dye. And I think I ruined my shirt and I’m wondering if my hands are now permanently blue and purple. Oh, and I need to repaint the bathroom. Yeah, I made a mess. I mean, not a “I got someone’s blood all over the wall” mess, but a “I wasn’t paying attention and splashed dye all over the place mess”. So, when you add paint and the cost of my shirt and all of the time I spent, Mario probably would have been cheaper, all things considered.

Remember girls, time is money. Sometimes it’s better to hire someone to do things for you. I’m usually good about figuring out what I should delegate and what I should do myself. All in all, the bonding experience with my step-daughter was definitely worth it, but next time we’ll bond at the spa.

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