I posted earlier about how we are going to file suit against the crack pot who was practicing some sick and twisted form of therapy on my husband. Well, we were told to get his file from his therapist’s office. So I call the office and tell them my husband will be requesting his records and that we will be needing a copy. They ask me what for. I tell them it’s for personal reasons and they proceed to tell me that he will have to call them and that he will also have to meet with this crackpot therapist again before they will give him his records. The fact that they need to speak with him is fine with me, but I’ll be damned if he’s sitting down with this incompetent asshat for another second so I proceed to tell the woman on the phone that he is legally entitled to his records, no questions asked. She told me that was fine and to have him call.

My husband gets on the phone with this place and tells them he wants a copy of his records. Again, they ask why. He says he wants them for personal reasons and she says it is policy that he HAS to sit with the therapist to go over them and that he can’t take a copy with him. He tells her that he was informed he was legally entitled to these records and that he is not willing to sit down with this therapist. The woman on the phone says she will call him back.

Low and behold, about fifteen minutes later he gets a call back. The woman on the phone apologizes and says that he’s right, he is entitled to a copy of his records (shouldn’t she know this?) but that they like to sit down and explain the records to people because the information in them can be taken the wrong way. Sounds like a nice cover-up to me.

So what’s the outcome? The records will be ready for us in the next 24 to 48 hours. We will pay them $15 plus 35 cents per page for these records. Once the records are in hand, we will see what evidence is in them to support our case. Not only are we filing a suit against his therapist, but we are reporting her to the proper regulatory authorities in Wisconsin. She cannot be allowed to continue her practice. If she does, I’m worried that she will damage even more people and other families will suffer from her complete lack of common sense or professionalism.

I honestly don’t care if we get a dime from this. In fact, I’m willing to lose money if it means getting this woman’s license pulled from her. And trust me, I’m not going to rest until she has paid for her actions and other people are safe from her irresponsible and unethical behavior.

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