I am all for therapy for people who need it. Anyone who knows me or reads my blog knows that. I think quality therapists and psychiatrists are crucial for the mental well-being of many individuals. With that being said, I think some therapists need to have their license revoked.

I am contemplating a malpractice suit against a therapist my husband saw a few months back. I am definitely going to do whatever it takes to make sure her license to practice is pulled.

Now, you need to understand borderline personality disorder to know why I am doing this. Treating a BPD individual is not easy. Dealing with them is not easy. I have had three VERY qualified psychiatrists diagnose my husband with BPD. This crack-pot therapist, however, proceeded to tell him that he doesn’t have BPD. She told him she can tell if someone has BPD just by “looking” at them and that he doesn’t have it.

If you know anything about BPD, you know how devastating this was to his treatment. All of the sudden, he was justified in all of his behaviors and he is suddenly “right” about everyone else being the cause of his problems. The hell I went through and the hell he went through to fix the damage he had done was intense.

When you have other mental-health professionals telling you this woman should have her license revoked, you know it’s serious. At least five of the comments she made to my husband violate the ethics of practicing therapy.

For the record, the woman works at Oakwood Clinical Associates in Kenosha, Wisconsin. If any of you have borderline personality disorder or are in a relationship with someone who does and you are looking for a qualified therapist, do NOT go to Oakwood. It’s not worth the hell you will go through. I am sure there are some good counselors there, but if they allow people like this to practice at their facility, they need to be shut down.

I want it to be perfectly clear that my motives for hitting this woman with a malpractice suit have nothing to do with money. If my husband and I decide to pursue this case, we will donate the money we receive. I just want her the hell out of the mental health field so she can’t hurt anyone else.

  1. Maggie says:

    BPD is nothing to fool around with and you cannot tell if someone has it or not by simply “looking” at them. What a load of bullshit.

    • princessjd says:

      Tell me about it. The therapist he was seeing was a total quack and caused a lot of harm. I really hope we can get her license pulled. She’s gonna learn a lesson one way or another. She can’t be allowed to do this to other people.

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