Some People Never Learn

Posted: January 22, 2011 in Rants and Raves
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You’d think, with as much attention as this woman has drawn to herself, that my step-kids’ biological mother would just stop her shit. It’s not happening. Too bad for her.

My step-daughter missed two days of school this week because she came down with a bug. I’m sorry, when my kids are sick they don’t go to school. They stay home and get better. It’s how I was raised, it’s how I raise my kids. If you have a fever and a sore throat, you’re in bed. End of story. So I guess the “mother of the year” contacted my husband demanding to know why I hadn’t taken my step-daughter to the doctor. Well, where I come from, you don’t run to the doctor every time you have a bug. Viruses need to run their course. So what it comes down to, I guess, is that in this woman’s world it’s okay to leave your kids home alone till three in the morning while you party with your friends but it’s not okay to keep a sick child home from school unless they are so sick that they need urgent medical care.

Honestly, this wouldn’t have pissed me off so much today if I hadn’t already had to deal with issues that she caused. Her lack of parenting resulted in a meeting with the social worker at my step-son’s school due to his behavioral problems that should have been addressed a long time ago, as I’ve discussed on this blog before. So as I am dealing with all kinds of nice things because she has neglected her parental responsibilities, she is questioning my actions once again.

To sum things up, I get home from the social worker meeting (where we got to discuss how this woman’s neglect affected my step-son’s emotional development) and my husband tells me that this bitch is demanding answers from me about my step-daughter not going to a doctor. Are you serious? You know that saying, “felt my blood run cold”? Well, I know what that feels like. I swear if she had been in front of me I’d be dodging an assault charge. It’s not just that she questioned my actions yet again, it’s that I had to hear about it after dealing with a stressful meeting because of her previous neglect and complete inability to be a decent human being.

Then, as all of this is going on, I’m getting phone calls from my family. Everyone has been playing very nice with this woman, and yet she feels the need to run her mouth about them. Yes, she is bitching about the very people who are now making sure her kids have the very things that she refused to provide for them. We’re all getting fed up.

My husband was left with the task of giving this woman a very reasonable message. She either stop the crap she’s been pulling or things are going to go south. She didn’t seem to understand or comprehend what was being said to her. Instead of just shutting up and focusing on her own issues, she had to question why my family is involved with her children’s lives to begin with. She wants to know why things aren’t just staying between her and my husband. Hmm… maybe it’s because my family is spending thousands of dollars on the well-being of her kids? Maybe that has something to do with it? Maybe it’s because my family actually CARES about the well-being and emotional development of her children — something else she has failed to do.

All I can say is this — she says she wants nothing to do with my family but she purposely pisses them off. What kind of an idiot does that? And she must be trying really hard to do it, because they are here in Chicago and she’s all the way there in Utah and she is still managing to piss off the wrong people from more than 1,000 miles away.

Oh, and she still doesn’t want to take parenting classes. Still doesn’t want to stop drinking. Still doesn’t want to step up to the plate to learn how to be a real mother. It’s not like she doesn’t have the time. She doesn’t have a job and, from what I understand, she’ll have a very hard time finding one.

Will she ever learn that the world does not revolve around her? That life is not about partying and drinking? That life is about providing a solid, healthy foundation for your children? I highly doubt it. She can learn her lessons the hard way.

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