An Emotionally Trying Day

Posted: January 28, 2011 in Rants and Raves
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Well, just when I thought the past was behind my step-children, more drama has begun to unfold. My step-son has been caught making inappropriate comments — comments that you wouldn’t expect an 8-year-old boy to say. So we asked him last night, has someone ever said or done anything to you in an inappropriate way? His answer was no. Then today, he walked up to his father, apologizing for not being honest with him last night, and admitted that his step-father’s brother had made inappropriate comments to him. I won’t go into all of the gory details, but one example is that this pathetic excuse of an adult told this 8-year-old boy that he should “pierce his sack someday”. I want to vomit.

So, after sitting down and recovering from my shock, I grabbed my step-daughter to have a serious conversation. I asked her if this man had made any inappropriate remarks to her. She said he never did anything directly to her, but that he would come over to visit her mom and her step-father and that they would all get drunk. The man would then begin to make sexually inappropriate remarks in front of her. She would become uncomfortable and would retreat to her room. I asked her if her mother ever did anything about this behavior. My step-daughter told me all her mother ever did was laugh and join in on the conversation.

Now, to a white trash bitch like my husband’s ex, this wouldn’t be inappropriate behavior I guess. However, in the law’s eyes, this is sexual emotional abuse. I will be filing the appropriate police reports and doing whatever I can to make sure this man is never let near my step-children again. I think I have finally reached my limit of patience with my husband’s ex as well, and finally believe she should be charged with child endangerment. I’m done. Done letting these sick and twisted people hurt my step-children. Done allowing them to make excuses for their behavior. The straw finally broke the camel’s back and shit is about to hit the fan. Stay tuned. It’s gonna get ugly.

  1. Maggie says:

    Good luck… I hope it doesn’t get too ugly for your and your stepchildren’s sake…. how awful that it has to come to that.

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