Hunkering Down for the Blizzard

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Misc

Well, it seems that we are going to be hit with a storm — a big one. I headed out today to stock up on firewood, bottled water and canned goods since we might get snowed in for a couple of days. We’re expecting up to 22 inches of snow and considering the lake effect snow that we always get this time of year, I’m sure the streets are going to be treacherous.

The kids are all hoping for a snow day or two. I’m praying my sanity will be able to handle five kids locked in the same house for more than 24 hours straight if it happens. I actually don’t mind being snowed in for a couple of days. I’ll keep the fireplace going and we’ll rent some movies On Demand, assuming that the cable doesn’t go out with the storm. If that happens, I am pretty sure my sanity will be at risk.

Of course all the worry could be for nothing. We’ve had storms predicted before and nothing more than a few flurries. If we do get hit by a whopping 22 inches of snow, I’ll be sure to post pictures. For the rest of you who are in the path of the storm, stay warm and stay safe!

  1. Maggie says:

    We are supposed to get a big one too.. and in the words of the weatherman, it’s supposed to be “record-breaking”.

  2. Maggie says:

    Thanks! Turns out the storm missed us very narrowly here in KY, and instead we have lots of rain. At least it’s warmer outside… around 50 degrees tonight. It’s a welcome change from all the snow we have had recently.

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