Made it Through the Storm

Posted: February 5, 2011 in Misc

Well, we made it through the storm. We got hit with about 22 inches. The roads were closed for a day. It took about 12 hours of shoveling total to be able to get the car out of the driveway. The first six hours of shoveling got me out so I could buy milk and cat food. The second six hours of shoveling took place after the plows put all of the snow in the road back in our driveway. I wanted to drag the plow driver out of his truck and make him do it.

The kids had three snow days in a row, which thrilled them to no end. I will be happy to take them back to school on Monday. Five kids in one house and nowhere to go for three days straight was not ideal. They all started going stir crazy. Everything was okay until my son and daughter decided they wanted to play outside in the snow and got their snow pants on. My step-son informed me that he didn’t have snow pants and he wanted me to run out to the store right then and there to buy him some. We hadn’t even finished shoveling at this point and I had to explain that I was sorry that he did not have snow pants (he didn’t bring any when he moved here from Utah in December) and that I would be happy to buy him a pair, but it wasn’t going to happen that day. It probably won’t happen till Monday or Tuesday. He wasn’t happy and threw a little fit. I definitely see his father in him. I have learned when him and his father get in these moods, it’s better to just walk away and pretend they aren’t there until they get over it. Talking, explaining or trying to work through the issue with them only makes it worse. Sometimes they just need time to get over it.

So far, this morning, things are quiet. The snow hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s just been moved around to make the roads drivable. It looks like a winter tundra out here. For all of you who got hit by the storm, I hope you stayed safe and warm. I, for one, am already looking forward to spring.

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