Well, it’s been a long time and I know many of my readers probably wondered if I dropped off the face of the earth. No, I haven’t but there are times I wish I could.

The BPD that I had left many months ago is back in my life as I stated in my last blog post. Is it all roses and peaches and cherries? Hell no.

Let me tell you something, life with someone who has BPD is NOT easy. I am staying true to my word and I am helping him through his issues, trying to be understanding and trying to help him work through his feelings. He is finally taking meds (after he was also diagnosed with bi-polar disorder) and his blow-ups aren’t as severe and the severe ones aren’t as frequent, but my life is still quite the drama pit. Of course I had to come here to vent.

My 15 year old son is living with his biological father right now. Why? Because he hates my “husband”. My mother and father are barely talking to me thanks to the drama this guy has caused. My grandmother falls for his manipulation and threatens to disown me if I leave him. Oh life is a bundle of roses I tell you.

So, to amuse all of you I figured I’d post a list of everything I do wrong (according to my “husband”).


1. I talk about him behind his back (okay, technically I am doing that right now but I don’t do it to people who actually know him or me unless it’s for therapeutic reasons).

2. I cheat on him (I have never cheated on him, but according to him I must have slept with every construction worker who is working on our street).

3. I don’t keep the house clean enough (I’m working about 10 hours a day, taking care of kids who are home from summer vacation and I can’t keep up with everything. I’m one person, okay?)

4. I move too much in my sleep (God help me…)

5. I don’t eat enough (Maybe if I wasn’t under so much stress…)

6. I don’t discipline my kids enough (okay, whatever)

7. I discipline his son too much (again, whatever)

8. I apparently walk “too sexy” so that men in the grocery store will stare at me (I walk how I’ve always walked. Men are pigs. They’re going to stare no matter what.)

9. I talk to my family too much (I barely talk to them at all anymore.)

10. I talk to my friends too much (Which ones? The few he hasn’t driven away from me?)

11. I am nicer to the dogs than I am to him (My dogs don’t bite me like he does — emotionally.)

12. I work too much or too little depending on the day of the week (Again, whatever).

13. I conspire against him with his ex-wife (Oh please).

14. I don’t text him enough during the day.

15. I text him too much during the day.

16. I spend too much of HIS money (HA. HAHAHAHAHA. Oh God if you only knew the truth.)

The list goes on and on. And these are just things that I’ve had to deal with in the past 7 days. There’s much, much more.

Hopefully this post will help you realize that your life isn’t so bad after all.

Much Love,

Princess JD

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