Thursday Night and About to Pass Out

Posted: August 12, 2011 in Misc

OMG today (and yesterday) have been quite challenging. Got a heck of a lot accomplished though. Got caught up on some work-related projects. Cleaned the kitchen. Actually made a really nice dinner for the kids. Then cleaned the kitchen again. Then attempted to cut my dog’s hair because the rate that the groomer wants to charge now is insane. The day I pay more for my dog’s haircut than I do for mine is the day hell freezes over.

Fortunately the dog that I am talking about (I have 3) is a good boy. He sat there for over an hour while I tried my best to make him look like the pictures. He’s a Brussels Griffon. Unfortunately, you can’t tell that right now because somehow I managed to make him look like some kind of a Schnauzer. It’s okay. It’ll grow out.

Then it was off to the bath tub where the poor little guy sat for another half an hour while I bathed him with three different kinds of shampoo. One for deodorizing. One for shine and one for sensitive skin. I didn’t know which one to use so…

He’s sleeping now and trust me, he deserves it. My other two dogs would kill me before letting me put them through such an ordeal. In fact, my wolf-hybrid (who is very vocal) was pretty much talking back to me the whole time I was doing this to my little dog. If he could talk in English it probably would have been something like “Bitch, you are not coming near me with any of that crap.”

This was all accomplished today. Yesterday I had to deal with my step-son’s psychiatrist telling me that my step-son has major issues and needs intensive therapy and a regimented structure (tell me something I didn’t know) and we were discussing whether or not he would be getting this in Utah when we send him back on the 18th. I talked to his mother and all I have to say is, I honestly don’t know. I don’t know if she’s going to do what she’s supposed to. She says she is but sometimes I wonder if she just tells me what I want to hear. I guess only time will tell and if he doesn’t get the therapy he needs we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. It’s matters like this that I just have to trust in God.

Now Mr. BPD is scheduled to be home from work in about half an hour. If I go to sleep, he’s going to wake me up and demand that I play a video game with him. If I stay awake he’s going to demand that I play a video game with him. If I say no my life will be a living hell for the next 24 hours so I guess I’ll be playing a video game before I go to bed. Sometimes my 15 year old teenage son is easier to deal with than this grown adult man.

I know that I have some readers who have BPD. I have a serious question to ask you so if you can answer me via the comment tool please do. If you don’t want your comment kept public I’ll make sure it’s not.

The question is, how do you go about telling someone who has BPD no without them freaking out at you. I mean, I need to say no sometimes. I need to tell him that sometimes he’s being unreasonable. However, I haven’t managed to do that without totally setting him off. I’m not saying that all people with BPD are the same, but is being told no or being told you’re wrong about something some kind of trigger? And if it is, how can I go about doing it in a way that won’t set him off on a full-blown tantrum?

Of course, in some cases, I do realize that nothing but a truly heartfelt “fuck you” is in order, but I try to keep the peace for my own reasons. Any help would be much appreciated.

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