A Word About Mental Illness and In-Laws

Posted: November 2, 2012 in Misc

You know, I like to think I’m a smart person. My IQ says I am. There are times, however, when I just can’t seem to believe the level of stupidity that I am capable of and how long it takes something to dawn on me.

I’ve known Mr. BPD for about 4 years now. You’d think, knowing he has a serious mental illness that could be genetic, that I wouldn’t even waste time trying to figure out why the hell some of his family members do the things they do. But see… It didn’t dawn on me until recently that they are just as crazy as he is. 

So, for all of you who are thinking about marrying someone with BPD, consider this little tidbit… Chances are that your soon-to-be spouse’s family is just as fucked up as he or she is. So not only will you have to deal with the BPD bullshit of your spouse on a regular roller-coaster basis, you will also have to deal with the insanity of his or her family members. My advise? Run. Run far and fast before you end up where I am. 

I hate to sound insensitive. I know that there are genuinely good people out there who suffer from this illness, but when you’re dealing with a high functioning one who plays mind games and has likely been enabled his or her whole life, then you’re just asking to be surrounded by trouble. Dealing with one BPD person is hard enough. Dealing with a whole family of them? It’s enough to drive anyone crazy. 

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