I Left Chicago

Posted: May 14, 2015 in Misc

I know it has been so long since I’ve posted but that doesn’t mean I have forgotten about my blog or my readers. I’ve just been busy. Really really busy.

Contrary to what everyone who has ever known me thought I would ever do, I moved away from Chicago. Away from my deep roots. Away from the double-edged sword that is my family. I also moved away from family and friends I miss dearly, but it was a good move.

I moved to Florida! Yes, this Chicago girl is now living in a charming little 3,000 sq ft new construction home on the Gulf Coast of Florida, complete with a palm tree in my front yard. The kids love it. I must say I did not miss the winter weather of Chicago as I donned shorts and t shirts in December and January. Apparently the winter this year was unusually cold down here. I didn’t notice. Seemed tropical to me.

We live in a “rural” area that is away enough from tourist areas to be private and quiet but close enough to be within a few hours drive to any tourist location we could want to visit. I am definitely enjoying this semi-retirement. And my kids don’t have to grow up in the middle of the politics and drama that surround my family back in Chicago. That is a huge plus.

My grandmother moved with us. As did my parents and sister (not sure if that’s a good thing yet). They don’t live with us of course. My grandmother moved into a retirement community that is more resort than it is retirement home and my parents and sister have houses about 30 minutes away.

I have so much to update but so little time. Now that things are settled I can start writing more. I’ll be sure to be giving more updates and information soon!

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